Coaching for Business

"The systems run the business & the people run the systems... If the people are not right, the best systems in the world won't help"

If you own your own business, it has a heart line to you, the owner and leader. You set the mood and the culture, the pace and the direction.

If your personal life is not right, it can have a devastating effect on your business. If your business is not right, it can destroy your personal life. Coaching for business is designed to provide you with the resources and tools to master both at the same time, so you won’t ever need to sacrifice the business to save your relationships, or your relationships to save the business.

In a business, the team of people working together have a collective self image, just as each individual does. The image the team has of itself, is crucial to the level of success it achieves. When two or more teams compete in a business environment, it is often the self image and belief of one team that propels it ahead of the others. Coaching can create unity and purpose, as well as a level of emotional intelligence to elevate customer relations to a whole new level.

The same applies to a job. So often, people move from loving to hating a job, not because the work has changed, but the environment in that work place, the behaviour of the people is causing an unacceptable level of stress. A coach can help you find the solution to making the time you spend earning a living a happy time.


 Chris & Karen Tazreiter
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