Life Modules

"Your life is a work of art. You are given a blank canvas, and you can paint it any way you choose"

Life Management ~ As our lives get busier and busier, it becomes increasingly important to know the skills to balance your life. This mo- dule will point you in the right direction.

Self-Esteem ~ As a person seeking excellence, it is important to have a high self-esteem.

Money ~ Most of us would love enough money to be able to live the life we dream of. This module can help you get there.

Communication ~ Effective communication is an essential skill to enable us all to share our thoughts, feelings and creativity and to understand others.

Emotions ~ Psychologists and health professionals are recognising that the key to success lies not in "IQ", but in "EQ". Emotional intelligence is often the key to a person’s success in business, communication and relationships with colleagues, loved ones and themselves.

Assertiveness ~ Assertiveness is not aggression. Instead, assertiveness is having confidence and the ability to speak up for yourself.

Relationships ~ Relationship has a unique place in our lives. It is out of our relationship with people, places and even events that we experience and become who we really are.

Health ~ Radiantly good health is something we all deserve. Unfortunately it’s not something we all possess. This module will help you gain and maintain vibrant health.

Leadership ~ Developing a positive and effective leadership style is essential for anyone wanting to succeed.


 Chris & Karen Tazreiter
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