What other People have said about Having a Life Coach: 

"No one has ever climbed Mt Everest, considered the world’s greatest conquest, without a Sherpa by their side. A coach is like a Sherpa. He or she can’t carry you up the mountain, nor can they take away the hurt, but they can support, encourage and guide you on your very own journey of discovery"……..J

"For the first time in my life, I was able to sit down with someone and just talk about me….and that was OK"…R

"I felt successful and I was happy, but I sensed that there was so much more in me wanting to be let out. Coaching gave me the confidence to rise to new heights in my life."

"I was stuck treading water and going nowhere. My coach helped me draw a line in the sand, and then muster the courage to step over it"……C

"I learned most of what I know about expressing emotions as a child. So I had the emotional vocabulary and intelligence of a child. Coaching helped me to become an emotional adult"………S

"I had a wife, 4 kids and 2 businesses. I was flat out all the time and it was taking its toll. I was "Successful" but I did not own my life anymore. I had to learn that all the answers I was looking for, to all the issues in my life, were in that part of my brain that only gets accessed when I am quiet, at peace and stress free. I had to learn how to shut down for a while. I was amazed just how many creative solutions were inside me. Thank You"…….R.

"I had a poor history with relationships. They just did not last. I did not want to grow old on my own. My coach helped me to recognise the repeating patterns in my life, and how my beliefs about things that happened in my childhood were affecting my adult life and my relationships. I changed my behaviour and everyone around me changed, Wow"………S.

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